Strategic Conservation Plan Update

Cover of the Strategic Conservation Plan showing a trail, tall green trees, and the title "Creating Connectivity".

All of us at NCLT are happy to report that the students at the Conway School of Design have finished their work on our Strategic Conservation Plan.  They spent four months reviewing the Open Space and Recreation Plans of each town in our service area, the information we gathered at our two stakeholder meetings this past winter, local knowledge given to us by individual residents or conservation professionals and the ecology of the area. 

With all of this background information they used advanced GIS mapping techniques to produce a series of maps and town profiles that will enable us to make decisions on how to focus our conservation efforts as we move forward.   

We still need time to analyze the wealth of information they provided us and to discuss how we wish to use it to form our final Strategic Conservation Plan.  When our work is completed we will hold an informational meeting to share our plan with you.  Watch this space for more information!