Trail All-Star Program

Trail All-Star Program Information

Ready to be an NCLT Trail All-Star? Grab your hiking shoes and get ready to explore a selection of our amazing properties. By the end of the challenge, you will better know our trails and some of the trees that call our region home. Your participation is a great way to TAKE A STAND FOR LOCAL LAND with NCLT and support our stewardship activities!

To be eligible for the honor of receiving the Trail All-Star patch you must complete the following quest:

  • Download the application, register for the program.
  • Walk all the trails identified from beginning to end (there is no time limit… bring a two- or four-legged friend!).
  • Find the tree identified as well as a special sign along the trail at each Conservation Area. Make a notation of what letter is on the sign in the attached table. These letters will be used to solve the word jumble after completing all the trails.
  • Send in the completed application form with $10 program fee (and $5 each for any additional patches).

The application NCLT-Trail-All-Star-Application Form (Please mail the application with a check or send it to us by email and pay here.)

Tree Information:

American Beech

Eastern Hemlock

Gray Birch

Mountain Laurel

Pitch Pine

Scotch Pine

Swamp Dewberry

White Pine