NCLT Receives Community Foundation Grant to Focus on the Future

Collaborative Efforts– Community leaders and planners gather to give input on conservation priorities in their communities.

This past June, the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts, gave a significant grant award of $15,000 to the NCLT to complete their Strategic Conservation Plan and begin its implementation.

Massachusetts is at a turning point in land use. Certain changes to the land could threaten our communities’ long-term resiliency and productivity. Strategic conservation planning helps land trusts visualize a future for their communities and chart a course of action to realize that vision.

Early in 2018 NCLT identified the need for such a plan for the region. In Fall 2018, we began working on the project. Once our Strategic Conservation Plan is complete, we will begin immediately with the implementation of the Action Items contained within. These action items are likely to include (not limited to): additional mapping, landowner outreach, smaller planning sessions with stakeholders, additional land protection projects, and informational workshops for towns and town boards.

We are using this grant funding to complete our strategic conservation planning process and to begin implementation. The ultimate results will be measured in -quality land protection projects, -stronger local conservation groups, -broader awareness and support for our natural resource assets, -the creation of important economic connections between the land and businesses, and -our continued ability to take our beautiful surroundings for granted.

We are totally committed to furthering and sustaining the conservation our natural resources in and for North Central Massachusetts. We thank the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts for partnering with us on this worthwhile project.

To learn more about this project call or email Jassy Bratko, jbratko (at) To support NCLT’s conservation efforts in the region, donate or become a member today!