A Farewell to Robin

A TerraCorps Service Member’s time with us is brief. They begin their service year in September only to wrap up their projects in July. We couldn’t be more lucky than to have had the hard-working, adaptable and forward-thinking Robin spending her service year with NCLT. If you attended any of our hikes or saw us … Read more

The Plastic Purge: Lunch Boxes and Snacks

Welcome back to another edition of The Plastic Purge! It’s time to start thinking about back to school! College students, teachers, bus drivers, kids – it seems as if everyone is gearing up for this highly anticipated time of year. This month, we are discussing ideas for providing lunches and snacks for your kids in … Read more

NCLT Partners with Sterling Land Trust on the Gaw Property for Wekepeke Brook Protection in Sterling

Thanks to the generous donation of Vern and Vikki Gaw of Sterling, North County Land Trust recently acquired a Conservation Restriction on 8 acres of land that will now be open for passive recreation. The Gaws donated their land to Sterling Land Trust who in turn, donated a CR to NCLT. Straddling the Sterling/Lancaster town … Read more

NCLT Receives Community Foundation Grant to Focus on the Future

This past June, the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts, gave a significant grant award of $15,000 to the NCLT to complete their Strategic Conservation Plan and begin its implementation. Massachusetts is at a turning point in land use. Certain changes to the land could threaten our communities’ long-term resiliency and productivity. Strategic conservation planning … Read more