Land Use Policies

North County Land Trust Land Use Policies

Dogs: Dogs are welcome on all North County Land Trust conservation area properties. Dogs must be leashed or under physical voice control at all times and may not be a nuisance or harm to other visitors or wildlife.  Dog waste must be removed from trails and removed from the property.

Motorized Vehicles: Motorized vehicles are not allowed on any North County Land Trust properties. Motorized vehicles include but are not limited to dirt bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles, and e-bikes. (To report violations of recreation vehicle or snowmobile laws, or other environmental or wildlife laws,
contact NCLT at 978-466-3900 and/or the Environmental Police Radio Communications Center at 1-800-632-8075).

Foraging: No commercial foraging is permitted. Plants may not be collected or removed. Edible fruits, berries, nuts, fiddleheads and mushrooms may be harvested for personal use only, at your own risk. Please use good foraging practices to ensure sustainability of these plant resources, these include only harvesting what you will consume, only picking the part of the plant you will consume, and only collecting 10% or less of any edible population you encounter.

Hunting: Hunting is allowed at specified North County Land Trust properties with a permit from the land trust. Permits are good for one year and can be obtained by emailing or filling out a request form on the land trust website.  Hunting is allowed at Dwelly Farm (Templeton), Kirby (Ashburnham), Peabody (Lunenburg), Rome (Gardner), Zins (Princeton), Ebenezer Keyes (Gardner), and Watatic (Ashby)Conservation Areas. All MA state regulations must be followed. Hunting is not allowed at Crocker (Fitchburg), Underwood (Hubbardston), and North Common Road (Westminster) Conservation Areas.

Camping: Camping is allowed for educational purposes only and a special permit is required. Permits can be requested on the NCLT website.

For any questions, concerns, or to get involved contact North County Land Trust at:

Phone: 978-466-3900


Mailing Address:325 Lindell Ave, Leominster, MA 01453

Environmental Police Dispatch:

Phone: 1-800-632-8075


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