About Us

Scripture Hill View
View from Scripture Hill on Sumner Farm, Fitchburg. Conserved with a grant from the federal Forest Legacy Program.

Mission and Philosophy

North County Land Trust, Inc. (NCLT) is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 regional land conservation organization founded in 1992. Our Mission is to conserve the forests, landscapes and farms that define the character of our region.

PROTECT: Identify natural resources, working lands and landscapes whose conservation is of the highest priority.

PRESERVE: Conserve land in perpetuity for future generations.

PROMOTE: Engage communities to understand and appreciate their natural environment and the importance of conservation.

Our Focus Area is Diverse

North County Land Trust works in the diverse communities of north central Massachusetts, to conserve land and water resources, farms, urban parks, working forests and scenic landscapes for the benefit of all. We tailor our conservation services to the needs of each community, from small urban centers to rural towns and bedroom communities.

Outreach is a Priority

NCLT works closely with stakeholders in the communities we serve, including landowners, municipal officials and community groups, to identify mutually beneficial land conservation goals. We connect ordinary citizens to the natural environment in their communities, through educational programs, nature hikes and other activities on our public access conservation areas.

Partnerships Leverage Resources for Conservation

NCLT collaborates with government agencies and other conservation organizations to leverage funding and other resources, resulting in the successful completion of projects as diverse as Gateway Park in Fitchburg and the protection of thousands of acres of public water supply land.

NCLT Strategic Plan Summary 2019