Rome Bridges have been installed!

Tom Bratko and Ron Paradise standing on a completed wooden bridge at Rome Conservation Area

If you’ve hiked at Rome Conservation Area in Gardner recently, you may have noticed some updates! NCLT and our excellent volunteers have finished construction on several bridges to make the stream crossings more manageable. These bridges are located at the on the new Hemlock trail, which crosses a marsh area, as well as at the top of the hillside trail, near where it meets the Red Eft Loop. Onof the bridges was built thanks to the generous donation from Salvadore Auto. 

We could not have finished these beautiful bridges without the hard work of our Volunteers! Tom Bratko and Ron Paradise constructed and installed one bridge (pictured in the photo to the left) after working on this project for over a month. Next time you are out at Rome, check out the finished product! 

If you are interested in getting involved with our volunteers, please fill out our volunteer form!