Land Donations

Photo of Jo-Anne Crystoff, Director of Land Protection
Jo-Anne Crystoff, Director of Land Protection

You can help protect the environment by donating or conserving your land. There are many options available to land owners that allow you to protect land and benefit from significant tax advantages and income.

Donate Land

Your land can be permanently protected by donating it to North County Land Trust.

Donate a Conservation Restriction on Land

NCLT holds conservation restrictions on many properties in the region. Donating a conservation restriction on your land protects it from development, while allowing you to continue to use it for recreation, farming, forestry and similar activities.

Selling your Land

If you need to sell your land but don’t want to see it developed, we can help you place a conservation restriction on your land, prior to sale.

Bargain Sale

Some landowners cannot afford to donate land, but they can sell their land or a conservation restriction on it at a price below its fair market value. This can offer significant tax advantages.


A donation of land or a conservation restriction through your will is another way to ensure that your land is permanently protected, while reducing your estate tax burden at the same time.

Reserved Life Estate

Some landowners donate their land, while reserving the right to occupy and use it during their lifetime. Upon the death of the landowner, full ownership of the land automatically transfers to North County Land Trust.

Limited Development

Limited development is an option that protects the most of the land, while a small portion is sold or maintained by the landowner for future development.

Donation with Lifetime Income

To donate land with appreciated value, consider a charitable remainder unitrust that will provide you with income during your lifetime.

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