Volunteer Spotlight: October 2020

Volunteer Spotlight – October 2020: Kevin Whitman, Rome Conservation Area Monitor

Trail work varies from jobs like picking up rubbish and raking a path to the more strenuous work of blazing new trails and moving kiosks. That’s right, moving a kiosk! When asked if Kevin could help replace an old trail kiosk with a new one, he didn’t hesitate to agree. Holes were dug, rocks were removed and a new larger kiosk was placed at Rome Conservation Area all thanks to the help of this great Conservation Area Monitor. His dedication to helping maintain NCLT’s large and diverse property in Gardner is greatly appreciated. Read more about Kevin below:

NCLT: Why did you start looking for a volunteer opportunity?

KW: I started looking into volunteering as a trail monitor with the NCLT because I love to hike and have always admired the work done to maintain the trails. It’s always so disappointing to see trash left on the trail or to find a trail falling apart, so I decided to see what I could do to help.

NCLT: Why North County Land Trust?

KW: I mentioned my interest to a friend and they pointed me in the direction of the North County Land Trust.

NCLT: What do you love about the work you’re doing for us?

KW: My favorite part of the job has to be just getting my hands dirty to maintain the trails. Whether it’s clearing out fallen trees or marking trails, there’s something just satisfying about a good day’s worth of work on the trail.

NCLT: If you could spend more time doing one thing what would that be?

KW: If I had more time I’d spend it rock climbing.

NCLT: Is there an experience you’ve had that you wish all people could have?

KW: I highly recommend going skydiving. Best experience of the year thus far.

NCLT: Do you have a favorite quote/book/poem? What is it?

KW: I’m always fond of a good Kurt Vonnegut book.


If you’re interested in volunteering with NCLT, visit the Volunteer page to let us know!