Volunteer Spotlight: July 2020

Volunteer Spotlight – July 2020

Nancy Seguin – Garden Tour Volunteer & Trail Steward

There are many ways to get involved with NCLT. Trail stewards help us to clear new paths and maintain existing trails in our conservation areas.  Hike leaders guide walkers and share their knowledge. A special events volunteer joins with others to help plan and execute events and table at festivals.

Nancy has been a loyal volunteer for NCLT in many capacities over the years. Most recently, she has been a greeter during our annual Garden Tour which relies on a corps of volunteers for success. Nancy stations herself at her assigned garden, welcomes visitors and informs them about NCLT.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to have this lovely event this year, but we look forward to next summer 2021 when Nancy and her colleagues can join us again. If you are interested in helping in next year’s Garden Tour or any other NCLT volunteer position, please let us know by filling out the form on the volunteer page.

We are so grateful to Nancy for her great enthusiasm for North County Land Trust. Our volunteers are valued members of our NCLT community and make our work even more fun and rewarding. Read her interview below.

NCLT: Why did you start looking for a volunteer opportunity? And why North County Land Trust?

NS: I was a volunteer with the United Way’s Day of Caring helping with trail maintenance at Crocker Conservation Area.  That’s how I first heard about NCLT.  I was interested in learning more about local trails and connecting with people who enjoy hiking.  After joining one of the “Weekly Walks” there at Crocker I was hooked!

NCLT: What do you love about the work you’re doing for us?

NS: I love assisting an organization focused on preserving local forests and educating our community through fun events to get outside and explore.  Being part of the group hikes, trail maintenance or lending a hand with a fundraiser have all been rewarding.  The staff, board members and volunteers at NCLT are pretty awesome, too!

NCLT: If you could spend more time doing 1 thing what would that be?

NS: It would be wonderful to be on the trails with a group everyday!

NCLT: Do you have a favorite quote/book/poem? What is it?

NS: In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.  – John Muir
Earth laughs in flowers. – Ralph Waldo Emerson