Big Changes at Dwelly Farm Conservation Area!

June was a busy month at our Dwelly Farm Conservation with work beginning on our new management plan to remove invasive plants, create a pollinator meadow and make the area a haven for native plants.

Land Stewardship, Inc began their three-year project of removing invasive Glossy Buckthorn.  Visitors to the property will see piles of the obnoxious shrub lying on the ground and exposing stands of beautiful birch.  Thickets of buckthorn have been removed to expose more of the field edges. Depending on its location on the property the cut vegetation will be chipped or burned.

Anderson Logging and Lumber quickly cleared a gnarly pine grove to make way for our new pollinator meadow.  The trees were cut then chipped and hauled away.  The next step is to pull the stumps and prepare the soil for planting this fall.  Please plan a trip to Dwelly to explore the beautiful trails and see the work for yourself!