Fitchburg’s Gateway Park

NCLT and the Fitchburg Greenway Committee realized a vision when they finally secured an abandoned mill site on the Nashua River. This vision was shared by City leaders and the Mass. Gateway Cities Parks Program, which provided funding to purchase the site and construct this beautiful riverfront park. Read more about this project. Related documents: … Read more

Protecting Fitchburg’s Northern Water Supply Watershed

With funding from the Southern Monadnock Plateau Forest Legacy Program, NCLT helped the City of Fitchburg acquire 121 acres of open land in Fitchburg’s northern water supply watershed. Located in Fitchburg, Ashby and Ashburnham, this watershed supplies drinking water for 4 reservoirs: Fitchburg Reservoir in Ashby and Scott, Lovell and Falulah Reservoirs in Fitchburg. Read … Read more

Fitchburg Reservoir Project: Protecting Fitchburg’s Public Water Supply

In 2009, NCLT facilitated the City of Fitchburg’s first purchase of conservation restrictions on private land in its northern water supply watershed, conserving 161 acres of sensitive watershed land in Ashby and Ashburnham. In the process, the central part of the 525-acres Crocker Farm and the northern face of Jewell Hill were permanently protected from … Read more