The Plastic Purge: Gift Wrap Edition

Everyone loves receiving an artfully wrapped gift, but we all know that the wrappings usually get tossed directly in the trash once they’ve been ripped into to reveal the gift inside.  Not to mention these wrappings and tape usually contain plastic and are not recyclable or even compostable.  This holiday season we have some unique ideas to replace the shiny toss-away paper and bags that are so common this time of year.


Getting creative with what we wrap with can both reuse materials as well as give our gift with something extra to be used.  Wrapping with newspaper is a great way to reuse your recyclable paper, a favorite of mine are the funny pages to give the gift of laughter along with the present!  If you’re wrapping with paper try switching to paper craft tape that is biodegradable and doesn’t include plastic!  Other options for wrapping materials could be a beautiful tea towel, vintage scarf, or cloth bag (all great bonus gifts!) that can be used again after the gift has been unwrapped.

We also encourage using natural fiber string or rope in place of ribbon, these cute alternatives keep plastic out of our landfills and can be reused around the house or in the garden once the gift has been unwrapped!  If you’re feeling extra fancy, upcycle an old necktie with a fun pattern to tie up your gift and you recipient can wear it or pass it along wrapping the next gift they give!

Whatever you’re wrapping this holiday season, be mindful of the plastics and where they’ll go once your gift is unwrapped, and have a happy, healthy (for you AND the planet) holiday season!