Strategic Conservation Plan Update

Cover of the Strategic Conservation Plan showing a trail, tall green trees, and the title "Creating Connectivity".

All of us at NCLT are happy to report that the students at the Conway School of Design have finished their work on our Strategic Conservation Plan.  They spent four months reviewing the Open Space and Recreation Plans of each town in our service area, the information we gathered at our two stakeholder meetings this … Read more

Rome Bridges have been installed!

Tom Bratko and Ron Paradise standing on a completed wooden bridge at Rome Conservation Area

If you’ve hiked at Rome Conservation Area in Gardner recently, you may have noticed some updates! NCLT and our excellent volunteers have finished construction on several bridges to make the stream crossings more manageable. These bridges are located at the on the new Hemlock trail, which crosses a marsh area, as well as at the … Read more

The Plastic Purge: Sponges, scrubbers, and soap

A yellow plastic sponge with a green scrubby top

Kitchen products hide a surprising amount of plastic in their ranks. We might be aware of the plastic in our Tupperware or in our bottles, but what about the things you use to clean? Many people use a variety of plastic items to clean, including sponges, scrubber brushes, soap in small plastic containers, and dishwasher … Read more

NCLT Seeks Volunteers!

North County Land Trust has opened up new volunteer opportunities and we are looking for passionate volunteers to help us achieve our conservation and education mission! Please check out the descriptions below for more information. Conservation Area Monitor We are looking for  long term volunteers who are interested in monitoring our conservation land and trails. … Read more

The Plastic Purge: Shopping and Produce Bags

One of the first things that comes up for folks when we start talking about plastic, plastic use, and plastic reduction is the one-use plastic shopping bag. These bags are ubiquitous as well as devastating in the environment. Light enough to float in the wind, this plastic gets stuck in tree branches, tangled in recycling machinery, and  … Read more