Growing Places and North County Land Trust Grow a Neighborhood Vision

Growing Places and North County Land Trust Partner with Busy Bees Preschool and Neighborhood to Build Multigenerational Learning Gardens Growing Places (GP), partnering with North County Land Trust (NCLT), was recently awarded a $30,000 grant from the Amelia Peabody Foundation to work with neighborhood stakeholders, including Busy Bees Preschool in Fitchburg, to build a multigenerational … Read more

NCLT Welcomes Artist Will Close

NCLT is excited to announce an exciting new project  with artist Will Close out of Concord, MA. This budding educator, naturalist and accomplished artist has an artistic mission to “create a greater connection between people, community, and nature.”    Beginning on the 2021 spring equinox, Will Close joined North County Land Trust as our first artist for our inaugural artist residency. As a … Read more

Birding Walks – Spring 2021

What’s more Spring than watching and listening for birds? The Massachusetts migratory birds have returned from their wintering grounds and are singing and showing their colors all across the state. We invite you to join Clay Hobart, NCLT’s local bird enthusiast for several bird walks this April and May to look, listen, and learn about … Read more

Training for a 5k Race

Want to run in the Rock & Laurel 5k Trial Race this summer but don’t know where to start? According to an article on, “You can prepare for a 5K run in just two months.” There are lots of great tips out there including pintables and sites dedicated to training.

A few quick tips for your own training:

  • Proper footwear and the right clothes is essential.
  • If your goal is to run in a 5K, don’t just train for an imaginary race — sign up for one (hint…NCLT’s Rock & Laurel Trail Race).
  • The longer your body has to work up to the goal, the less chance you’ll have of injuring yourself.
  • Find more tips here: Top 10 Training Tips for a 5k

Be on the lookout for some group runs organized by North County Land Trust’s staff and volunteers in the coming months as we prepare for the Rock & Laurel Trial Race. This way, you can train together at Crocker Conservation Area with friends and members of NCLT. You’ll have the chance to run together for motivation, familiarize yourself with the trials, and make some new running buddies. And for those of you concerned that a trail race isn’t for you, don’t worry! As part of the fundraiser will have option of a walk and participating virtually.

Until then, reach out to us with any questions you might have about the Rock & Laurel 5k Trail Race at