Watatic’s South Slope

Help us save the south slope of Mt. Watatic!

Our Goal

North County Land Trust (NCLT) is mobilizing to save more than 200 acres of the south slope of Mt. Watatic from development.

NCLT has formed a partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game (DFG) to conserve this $1.3 million parcel, providing a critical addition to an unfragmented block of natural habitat and completing preservation of the entire summit of the popular Mt. Watatic.

For the project to succeed, NCLT must raise $450,000. We need your help!

Together, we can preserve essential wildlife habitat, provide outdoor recreation and educational opportunities, and continue building the appreciation for nature and conservation that NCLT champions. Partnering with DFG will add a blend of expertise and stewardship priorities for this land that will stand the test of time.

Recreation & Education

Mt. Watatic is an extremely popular recreation destination that draws outdoor enthusiasts from within and beyond the region. NCLT’s commitment will ensure the low-impact outdoor experiences and collaborative environmental education that NCLT values and is known for. There is an old farm house on the property that we envision as an outdoor education hub where we can develop environmental education programs for children and adults. The sheer size of the conserved area makes it a vibrant habitat for local and migrating wildlife and ideal for experiencing nature.


Mt. Watatic’s south side reflects the distinctive landscape of north central Massachusetts, featuring a mix of mature forests, successional growth, pasture, ponds, and wetlands that create a rich and vital biodiversity. The Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program has designated a portion of the property as a Critical Natural Landscape. Conserving and preserving these acres enhances climate resilience and species habitat, provides clean drinking water, flood protection, keeps our air clean, and provides carbon storage and recycling to mitigate climate change. This land will become part of the existing conservation quilt already blanketing Mt. Watatic. (See map)

NCLT and DFG are acting quickly because this land faces significant threat of subdivision development. This threat is especially urgent today as families migrate to the suburbs in response to COVID-19, creating a spike in demand for housing in this region.

Join the Cause!

NCLT needs to secure $450,000 to save this property, and your contribution of any size helps! This parcel represents a massive leap forward in our work, and we appeal to everyone who values conservation and the NCLT mission to donate what they can to our effort.

To mail a check or gift stock or securities please use our donation form or contact us.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your donation, please contact NCLT Executive Director, Anna Wilkins at Awilkins@northcountylandtrust.org or via her mobile phone: 978-821-0574. All donations are tax deductible.