Volunteer Spotlight: March 2020

Volunteer Spotlight: March 2020

Mary Cringan – Board Member

North County Land Trust has a devoted volunteer board. As part of our engaging and active board, Mary has served NCLT in many ways. She is a hike leader at our Weekly Wednesday Walks at Crocker Conservation Area in Fitchburg, she helps us to keep our trails maintained, she has been instrumental in the success of our Garden Tours, and she serves on our Land Committee. We are so thankful for her selfless dedication to our mission. Thank you, Mary!

Read below to find out more about Mary.


NCLT: What prompted you to you start  this volunteer opportunity?

MC: After 38 years as an educator, I retired and found I had lots of time to enjoy doing things I loved to do, but didn’t have time to pursue while I was working.  I met Betty Reid and she introduced me to the NCLT property at Crocker.  I have lived in Fitchburg most of my life and had never hiked the trails.  I fell in love with the area and tagged along with Betty when she volunteered with NCLT.  I enjoyed he work, the people and exploring the various properties that are maintained by NCLT.  Betty Reid is a great teacher and showed me how to enjoy the land right in my city.  I now enjoy leading hikes on Wednesdays to spread the enjoyment of the trails with others.

NCLT: Why North County Land Trust?

MC: The staff of NCLT welcomed me with open arms and I believe in the mission of conserving the land and stewardship for future generations.

NCLT: What do you love about the work you’re doing for us?

MC: I love working on the Land Committee; helping to cut, blaze and maintain the trails on many of the properties.  I am a “doer” and would rather be outside accomplishing and completing tasks.

NCLT: If people could spend more time doing 1 thing what would suggest?

MC: I would encourage young families to get out and explore all the conservation properties.  Exposing our youth to the natural wonders and seeing what nature has in store for us is needed for our youth.  Walking and exploring the trails is a wonderful free experience for families of all ages, socioeconomic levels and a healthy option.

NCLT: Is there an experience you’ve had that you wish all people could have?

MC: Hiking on the trails and coming upon wildlife is such a wonderful experience.  I love hiking the trails during the four seasons and witnessing the unique changes.  Hiking and snowshoeing after a snowfall is magical when the sky is blue, the snow is covering the tree limbs and you can follow the numerous animal tracks.

NCLT: Do you have a favorite quote/book/poem? What is it?

MC: My favorite book is: How Many People Does It Take to Make a Difference?  by Zadra & Yamada.My favorite quote is” “Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve.  You don’t have to have a college degree to serve, you only need a heart full of grace generated by love.”  by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thank you, Mary, for your the time and all that work that you do for North County Land Trust!

If you are interested in volunteering with NCLT, please let us know by visiting our volunteer page and filling out the form. We look forward to hearing from you!