Volunteer Spotlight: June 2020

Volunteer Spotlight – June 2020:

Sandra Grund – Outreach and Engagement Committee

NCLT is lucky to have Sandra as a volunteer. She has useful experience in the environmental field and believes in our work. It is with the great assistance of thoughtful, experienced volunteers like Sandra that NCLT is a successful non-profit organization.  Sandra has helped us with outreach, events, marketing, communications, the annual review, and more! In addition, Sandra recently presented at the  Massachusetts Open Space Conference (which NCLT co-sponsored) on a successful land protection project of the Carver Hill Orchard in Stow, MA. Sandra is kind, thoughtful and a valuable resource to North County Land Trust. THANK YOU, SANDRA!

NCLT: Why did you start looking for a volunteer opportunity? And why North County Land Trust?

SG: I became interested in volunteering with NCLT to support my good friend Anna Wilkins when she started as Executive Director. Also, I have experience in the environmental field, and believe in the great work of NCLT, including its natural resource protection actions and great community outreach and activities.

NCLT: What do you love about the work you’re doing for us? 

SG: I love the team of people at NCLT.  They are a small, dedicated group of individuals passionate about the work they do – and really lovely people as well!

NCLT: If you could spend more time doing 1 thing what would that be?

SG: Hmmm tough one.  There are so many!  Of course spending time relaxing (on the beach preferably!) with family and friends.  I also would love to travel more to see unique wildlife species in their natural habitat.

NCLT: Is there an experience you’ve had that you wish all people could have?

SG: There would be probably be two – the work I’ve done with vulnerable populations in the US and Internationally, and the travel I’ve done to other countries. It expands our minds to see first hand what other’s lives are like. I often feel like travel is one of the fastest ways to improve yourself.

NCLT: Do you have a favorite quote/book/poem? What is it? 

SG: One of my favorite books is the Hobbit.