The Plastic Purge: Small Swap = Big Change

As we change the calendars over to a new month, a new year, and a new decade we are reflecting on the plastic purge articles of the past and hoping to bring better habits into the future.  Although all of the different ways we can decrease plastic in our lives can be overwhelming we are big believers that small, sustainable changes are what stick with us. This month lets take a look back at the small changes you can incorporate into your New Years resolutions to keep kicking plastic out of your home!


One of the easiest small changes you can make is a swap (replacing plastic items with a version that isn’t plastic).  Lets recap the plastic purge swaps and start off 2020 with a lighter plastic load!


  • Plastic toothbrushes for a bamboo toothbrush
  • Plastic floss for compostable floss
  • Synthetic dish sponge for natural fiber sponge or dish cloth
  • Synthetic scrubbing pad for stainless steel, copper, walnut or coconut scrub pad
  • Single use zip-top bags for reusable silicone, cloth or heavy plastic bags
  • Plastic wrap for beeswax wrap
  • Single-use K-cups for refillable K-cup
  • Single use teabag for loose tea and tea diffuser
  • Synthetic fabric clothing for natural fiber (cotton, wool, silk, hemp etc.)
  • Gift wrap for newspaper or tea towel
  • Ribbon for natural fiber string


We at NCLT hope that these small swaps add up to big change for your life, our community, and our planet for the new year and beyond. Happy 2020!