The Plastic Purge: Refillables

The Plastic Purge – Refillables

As I tossed my empty plastic laundry detergent jug into the recycling bin I wondered, “is there a better way?”.  It seems like a lot of products we use regularly are sold in single use plastic and when we empty the container we have no choice but to relinquish the container to the recycler.  I am happy to report that there actually IS a better way – refillables!

Many stores now offer refillable options for a wide range of products from household cleaners to food products, bring your empty container back to the store and refill.  Instead of recycling that last plastic laundry detergent jug, bring it to your local store that offers bulk detergent, fill it up, and do it all over again!  Bulk olive oil is also available in many stores, bring your empty olive oil bottle in and refill to reduce plastic use on another new container.  Liquids aren’t the only thing you can refill – bring in a reusable bag or jar for bulk staples like rice, lentils, nuts, beans and more and when the container runs out bring it back in for a refill! Remember, if your local store doesn’t offer bulk or refillable items, it never hurts to ask the store manager if they might be able to carry them!

New to the scene is also a refillable delivery service called Loop which allows customers to buy goods like detergents, shampoos, snacks, spices, and even ice cream (yay!) in all reusable containers which get shipped back when empty in a reusable shipping tote.  Although currently just a pilot program, they are accepting applications for the service and plan on expanding due to high demand. I, for one, hope this idea catches on!

Until next month, let’s grab our empty jars, bags, and jugs and get refilling!