Take a Stand for Local Land

Take a Stand Where You Are

By Anna Wilkins, Executive Director

Think global, act local. We’ve heard this a lot over the years. But what does it mean?

There are so many issues that are of concern to us as global citizens – hunger, disease, human rights, pollution, climate change, civil rights. It can be overwhelming. And as we think, “What can I do?” we are bombarded with suggestions or stories of heroic actions of unlikely heroes who– quit their job and move to location X, start a school for girls and design a cheap water filtration system saving an entire population from suffering. Those grand scale, life-pivoting examples are amazing – and just not realistic for most of us.

I can’t do that…maybe what I can do just isn’t worth it…

I want to tell you that you can make a difference, and you are not alone! Recently, our small town got together and had a town-wide clean-up day. Because there were so many people pitching in, we filled two huge dumpsters and together, had an astonishing effect on our town. This is an example of how, one or two at a time, we can collectively have wide-scale impact.

North County Land Trust is a community-based organization. Everything we do is because of and for you! Just like pitching in for town clean-up day, your single NCLT membership adds to a growing group of members that impacts local conservation – which benefits the globe. Your help protecting our forests, waterways, and farms, is an important part of a regional effort to protect New England, and New England forests are a globally significant resource!

Despite supporting one of the densest human populations in the nation, New England is among the most heavily forested regions in the United States. Our back yards, woodlots, and small bits of open space, (that we often take for granted) are working hard for the entire planet.

You can feel good about taking action today, becoming a member or renewing your membership, and doing your part to help save the world! We can Take a Stand for our Local Land right where we are, no matter where we are, metaphorically or physically.

The past year was a challenging time for all of us and yet we should be so proud of the projects we were able to accomplish. Together, we raised the money we needed to save hundreds of acres from development, add to our volunteer corps and part-time staff, and have meaningful impact. With each of you on board, we can continue this important work. North central Mass, and the world, needs us. We are not going to get another chance to protect some of these important landscapes in our region that influence our future in such a vital way.

Please join us as we build a brighter future for our neighborhoods and planet.