NCLT Joins RallySound for a Good Cause

Adam Ezra drops in on a photo of Elly Wilkins at the 2019 Moose Jam benefit concert for Ashburnham Conservation Trust.

“Founded by Adam Ezra & friends, RallySound believes that music has the power to inspire communities, and that small grassroots communities have the power to change the world.”

RallySound is a non-profit that helps to raise money for worthy causes throughout the New England through benefit concerts. Boston-based Adam Ezra, writes and perform roots and folk music tunes with his band The Adam Ezra Group (AEG). Their musical prowess resonates with a wide audience and appeals to diverse musical tastes. AEG’s purposeful performances and collection of like-minded and uber-talented musician friends advance a grassroots mission that brings, not only a sense of community, but also advances non-profits doing good work.

This year, North County Land Trust has been invited to be highlighted as an additional organization “doing good” during their annual Ramble event to be held virtually on Saturday, August 28th. This live-streamed, online event is an all-day curated affair with music, interviews, and interactive breakout sessions.

Announcing: The Ramble 12, Saturday, August 28, 2021

In 2009 AEG decided that, in addition to playing charity events, they wanted to create their own live event. They called it The Ramble. That

The Ramble in 2019

first year,  they partnered with an organization called Partners in Health to raised money to support those struggling after the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti. Over the following years The Ramble took on different causes. Now The Ramble has dedicated its mission to end veterans’ homelessness. In 2019 over 4,000 people attended The Ramble in Boston and we were able to raise enough money to get 50 of our heroes off the streets and into safe and dignified housing.

This year will be the 12th consecutive year for The Ramble, persevering despite the challenges of the pandemic. A unique hybrid event, hosted at a private residence in Ashburnham, MA, this year’s Ramble will feature artist collaborations, both live and online.  General admission to this free, all-day event will be through live, on-line streaming. Even though the magic of an in-person event can never be duplicated, the RallySound organizers have dedicated themselves to bringing participants a curated and interactive on-line event which will include featurettes of food and cocktail adventures as well as interviews and breakout sessions with non-profits and songwriters throughout the day. Whether only tuning in for AEG’s finale set, or tuning in with friends for your own back-yard festival, The Ramble will not disappoint. 

The Music:

Adam Ezra Group

The Adam Ezra Group (AEG) is Adam Ezra as lead singer/guitar, Corinna Smith on fiddle/accordion, Poche Ponce on bass, and Alex Martin on drums and other hand percussion instruments. 

Every year Adam personally invites some of his favorite independent musicians/bands to The Ramble. These artists donate their talent and time to magnify the impact of The Ramble. Throughout the day, independent artists showcase their diverse musical styles culminating with cameo appearances throughout AEG’s headlining set. 

This year musical guests include Vance Gilbert, Colby James & the Ramblers, SIRSY, Mark Erelli, Will Evans, Chad Hollister, Whiskey Treaty Roadshow, Steve Hartmann, Laden Valley, among others.

The main focus of The Ramble’s fundraising efforts is for their partner non-profit New England Center & Home for Veterans (NECHV). Through donations during the event, they hope to raise thousands of dollars to help provide housing for homeless Vets across New England.  However, as friends of North County Land Trust, they want to highlight our work to help give us exposure along with other worthy causes. 

Throughout the event, participants are encouraged to learn about NCLT and a selection of featured non-profits and make donations directly to those organizations, if they wish.

North County Land Trust has an opportunity to receive up to $5,000 in matching funds for donations that come in through NCLT’s Ramble donation page.

NCLT is excited to participate in “Rambletown” and will host a hike for those who are at the live location. We are also excited to share highlights of our projects with Adam Ezra in a spotlight interview, including our renewed hiking program with the Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center.

Last year’s Ramblethon hosted thousands of online viewers from all over the world and raised enough money to help 64 homeless Veterans off the streets of New England through The New England Center and Home for Veterans. We would love to expand this event’s reach by adding North County Land Trust’s fans and members to this fun and meaningful event.

In the spirit of community and the earth, let’s raise our voices, move our feet and do a little good for each other.  Won’t you join us?

The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow