NCLT Begins Strategic Conservation Planning Process

North County Land Trust (NCLT) has partnered with Conway School of Landscape and Design in Northampton, MA, to help construct NCLT’s Strategic Conservation Plan for the next 5 years. This plan will help NCLT be responsive to land as it becomes available, as well as be more targeted toward land that fits into our vision of the region. This includes Priority Habitat, connectivity, community access to natural spaces, and community values, as well as many other factors. This planning process will result in a plan which will structure how we evaluate and respond to threats to land and land that is available.

The North County Land Trust’s Strategic Conservation Plan envisions:  A future for our region that is interconnected physically, ecologically, recreationally and economically; that promotes the individual character of each community but thrives on the synergy of its connections.

During this Planning Process, NCLT is looking for the help of key stakeholders in the region to share their town’s or organization’s land conservation priorities and give us their input on the Strategic Plan. Please reach out to if you are interested in participating.

NCLT welcomes this opportunity to dialogue with the community and seek valuable input on the future of our conservation efforts. We will continue to update as the Plan develops, and the final product will be publicly available on our website.