Little Land Explorers

Little Land Explorers

It’s a widely known fact that time in nature is critical for our well-being. The benefits of breathing in the fresh air and feeling the sun on your cheeks are felt both in the body and the mind.  It is also true that many long for new experiences beyond the usual hike. A change in scenery on a new trail (check out one of NCLT’s trails in a different town) or learning how to identify new plants can be good for stimulating our brains. And for those of you with children at home, we have a few ideas on how to keep them active outdoors and explore nature in a different way.

Scavenger hunts while on a walk/hike are a wonderful way to add some fun to your time outdoors. Below you’ll find 2 scavenger hunts for the kids to try (one for younger and one for older). Also below is a BINGO board. Challenge the kids to see how many BINGO squares they can complete in a day.

NEW to NCLT this year is the opportunity for the kids to become “NCLT Little Land Explorers”! Print out the scavenger hunt pdf(s) and head outdoors. Take a picture of your kid’s completed scavenger hunt and email the picture(s) to for a special prize. Be sure to tell us the child’s first name, age, and the address of where we can mail the prize.  Don’t have a printer? Just take pictures of the found items and send that to us. We can’t wait to see what you find!

NCLT Scavenger Hunt-younger kids (suggested for ages 2-7)









NCLT Scavenger Hunt-older kids (suggested for ages 8-12)









Backyard Bingo-Spring