Join the Invasive Erasers!

Do invasive plants just grind your gears? They bug us, too. We are starting up another bi-weekly group to help get these nasty invaders out of our native landscapes.  This volunteer group will be dedicated to managing invasive plants on our properties and teaching volunteers how to stay vigilant in the battle against these unwanted plants.  The group will meet every other Tuesday at 9am, opposite weeks of our Trail Team Thursdays.

This volunteer group will be led by one of our volunteers, Ryan Thompson, who is passionate about invasive removal and is generously donating his time to lead and educate this group.  Ryan has a bachelor’s in wildlife conservation and a minor in plant and soil sciences and he has experience working for US Fish and Wildlife removing invasive plants.

The group will begin with focusing on the Longview Conservation Area this season and will also continue work at Dwelly Conservation Area next season. We hope you will join us to play an important part in stewarding our lands.

To join the Invasive Erasers email list contact Em at and join us for the first session on September 27th at 9am to get started!