Geocache Placement Permit Request

Placing a geocache on NCLT Conservation Areas is allowed by permit only. Please submit the application below. It will be reviewed by NCLT and, if approved, you will receive a permit via email. You will be notified by email if it is denied.

If placing multiple caches, a separate application is required for each cache. If the permit holder wishes to change the location of the cache, a new application must be submitted. The permit holder is responsible for removing the cache and cache location from all websites and any other source if the holder no longer wishes to maintain the cache.

Cache containers must be non-breakable and have some form of secure latch to prevent the contents from being exposed or possibly trapping wildlife in the container. Containers may not be made of glass and must be no bigger than 6” x 12”. They are to be family friendly. NCLT accepts no responsibility for damage, destruction, loss, or upkeep of geocaches placed on NCLT property.

The cache may only be placed on established trails and may be placed no further than 20 feet off those trails. They may not be buried underground or placed underwater, nor may vegetation or stone walls be disturbed to place a cache.

NCLT reserves the right to remove the geocache at any time without prior notice to the geocache owner.

Geocache Permit Application

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