Bird Migration

Bird Migration


8:00 am - 10:00 am


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Zins Conservation Area
Rhodes Road, Princeton

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The seasons are about to change if you can believe it!  The familiar song of our summer birds will be changing.  Currently, some of our winged friends are fattening up for their long Fall migration. How do they know when to leave? What do they need to do to be ready? When will they be back?

Come hear all about what different birds of our region are doing to prepare for their journey from Clay Hobart, NCLT’s bird enthusiast. We will journey out near the stunning Bickford Pond Reservoir to listen and watch for bird activity. It’s sure to be a reflective time to enjoy all the wonder of nature and especially our feathered friends.

Bring your binoculars and dress for the weather, including boots in case it’s muddy!. Parking is on one side of the road only please (it’s a narrow road) directly across from 90 Rhodes Road, Princeton.

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Registration is closed for this event.