Cushing Academy Students Volunteer at Dwelly Farm Conservation Area

Thanks to Tom Bratko, Ron Deschamps, and the Cushing students we have a beautiful new bridge!

Have you been out to Dwelly Conservation Area lately? You might have noticed some changes- a new trail, a new bridge, and lots of trails cleaned for the spring! Much of this work is thanks to the student volunteers at Cushing Academy.

The students helped carry in lumber and set the pre-constructed frame of the bridge in place.

North County Land Trust hosted 28 students and 4 teachers for the Tony Fisher Day of Service on April 11. The Tony Fisher Day of Service is a Cushing Academy event celebrating community service in honor of an alumnus, Tony Fisher. The Cushing students go out in the community and spend the day doing community service.

Under the guidance of 5 crew leaders, including board members Betty Reid, Mary Crignan, and Carrie Novak, these students helped us with several large projects on the conservation area. A new trail was cleared, the existing trails were cleaned, 6 bags of trash were removed from the roadside, lumber was brought in for a 40 ft bridge and some of the students helped set the previously constructed bridge frame in place.  Ron Deschamps later helped install the decking on the bridge.  Tom Bratko has overseen construction bridge, and is hard at work on our tractor bridge as well.

Thank you to the Cushing Students and Teachers for their help!

NCLT is so grateful to the students, teachers, and the Cushing Academy, as well as Ron Deschamps and Tom Bratko for helping us complete these large projects! The new trail the students cleared will be named the Fisher Trail as a thank you to the Cushing volunteers.