Give Back to the Land 2022

This Earth Day, April 22, I invite you to join me in celebrating the beauty and bounty of our planet. When I am out exploring our trails, streams, farms, and gardens, my experiences reaffirm that what land trusts offer is essential.  With each conservation project we create opportunities to better understand that we are linked … Read more

Learning from our Neighbors– Mass Audubon Flat Rock Wildlife Sanctuary to Cut for Pitch Pine Heathland Restoration

Group of people listening to a talk in the woods.

Last fall, North County Land Trust was notified that Mass Audubon was planning to conduct forest cutting activities at the Flat Rock Wildlife Sanctuary in Fitchburg in early 2022 to support the persistence of the sanctuary’s distinctive ridgetop pitch pine heathland (learn more about  Pitch Pine Natural Community). Because the cutting activity would be adjacent to … Read more

Business Partner Program

NCLT INTRODUCES NEW BUSINESS PARTNER PROGRAM  North County Land Trust is excited to introduce a new program designed for local businesses with a focus on healthy living, employee engagement and charitable giving.  Recent studies have highlighted that employees admire companies that offer volunteer activities and invest in their community through philanthropy.  It inspires greater engagement, … Read more

2022 NCLT Photo Contest

Enter Our 1st Annual Photo Contest “30 Years of Land Love” It’s our 30th anniversary! As part of our celebration, we want to “see” what you love about our land. Grab your camera (or smartphone!) and head outside to explore and connect. Your shot might be a winner! Prizes will be awarded and all photos … Read more

A Celebration of Light

On December 21, we gathered with friends old and new to celebrate the Winter Solstice. NCLT staff  lined an easy 3/4 mile loop trail at the Trustees’ Doyle Community Park   with over 300 paper lanterns illuminated with tea candles.  Participants were invited to make their own lanterns and bring them along to add to … Read more