New Volunteer Opportunity: Newsletter Editor

NCLT Volunteer Position: Newsletter Editor Volunteer Position Summary: North County Land Trust is looking for a committed volunteer who can help ensure the NCLT monthly newsletter is sent out to the NCLT audience with current news articles and upcoming events in a timely manner. This is a great position for a creative person who has … Read more

Volunteer Spotlight: October 2020

Volunteer Spotlight – October 2020: Kevin Whitman, Rome Conservation Area Monitor Trail work varies from jobs like picking up rubbish and raking a path to the more strenuous work of blazing new trails and moving kiosks. That’s right, moving a kiosk! When asked if Kevin could help replace an old trail kiosk with a new … Read more

North County Land Trust Receives Community Foundation Grant to “Continue the Conversations”

North County Land Trust is please to announce receipt of a grant from the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts which will allow us to continue our successful land conservation specific workshop and networking series we dubbed “Conservation Conversations”. These specific networking meetings included topics such as Open Space and Recreation Plans, establishing trails, and … Read more

2020 Virtual Garden Tour

2020 VIRTUAL Garden Tour We are missing seeing this year’s featured gardens and all of YOU on the 2020 Garden Tour this year! It’s such a fun time to gather together to share the triumphs (and sometimes frustrations) of managing our backyard gardens. So instead we’re creating a “Virtual Garden Tour” for our community to share … Read more