2020 Virtual Garden Tour

2020 VIRTUAL Garden Tour

We are missing seeing this year’s featured gardens and all of YOU on the 2020 Garden Tour this year! It’s such a fun time to gather together to share the triumphs (and sometimes frustrations) of managing our backyard gardens. So instead we’re creating a “Virtual Garden Tour” for our community to share photos of their gardens with one another.

We invite you to give us a tour of your garden. Share with us your gardens, landscapes, backyards, raised beds, and more! And no need to submit only your current summer snapshots. Feel free to share all 4 seasons with us.

Send in your  pictures to ladams@northcountylandtrust.org and tell us who you are (first name) and where you reside (town/city). We’ll post them here on the website in a slideshow for all to enjoy.

And here’s an added bonus: We are looking to create a 2021 calendar with some of the submissions from you! Let’s bring together your beautiful contributions and weave them together to inspire others in our community. We can’t wait to see your garden!