Longview Conservation Area, Ashby, MA

Longview Conservation Area is a 15 acre property in Ashby, MA. This historic farmhouse and surrounding fields rest just southeast of Mt. Watatic.

The property was acquired as part of an effort to protect 200+ acres in partnership with Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game (DFG) in 2021. The effort to “Save the South Peak!” of Mt. Watatic contributed to over 1,450 acres of conserved state DCR and DFW public recreation and wildlife management lands on the border with New Hampshire.   

Longview Conservation Area is a beautiful place to enjoy low impact outdoor activities with views of Mt. Wachusett to the south and Mt. Watatic a stone’s throw to the north. Hiking trails from Longview Conservation Area onto DFG land connect with the Pole Trail which can be taken up to the summit of Mt. Watatic or another trail down to a designated parking area off of 119.

Parking is available on Hardy Road in a small lot to the right side of the driveway or at 102 Rindge State Road parking lot for a .9 mile hike to the farmhouse.