North Common Road Conservation Area, Westminster, MA

The Midstate trail is marked with yellow triangles.

Our North Common Road Conservation Area was acquired in December of 2020. This 16-acres in Westminster protects three quarters of a mile of the Midstate Trail in perpetuity thanks to the generous donation of Westminster Business Park, LLC and also Marie Auger from the Midstate Trail Committee who was instrumental in coordinating the transfer.

We were pleased to conserve this Westminster acreage to help protect the continuity of the 92-mile, Midstate Trail, a well-known hiking gem that extends from Rhode Island crossing the gentle hills of central Massachusetts and eventually connecting to the Wapack Trail in New Hampshire at Mt. Watatic. The section of the Midstate Trail protected by this acquisition runs parallel to N. Common Rd, in Westminster, MA.

Nearby land has been cleared to make way for an adjacent development, but local officials were adamant about protecting the trail from being segmented or diverted to the road asking NCLT for their assistance. This project is a notable example of how landowners, developers, municipalities, trail organizations, and conservation organizations can work together to ensure that land and trail resources are protected while meeting the housing needs of the community.





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