High School Senior Project Researches the Work and Challenges of Land Trusts in Central Mass

Jared Penna
Bob Wilber, Jared Penna, and Anna Wilkins at Jared’s Senior Project Presentation on May 11, 2018

Jared Penna, senior at Parker High School at Devens, just completed and presented his senior project on the work of Land Trusts in Central Massachusetts.  North County Land Trust was pleased to help him with his research and participate in his project.  His paper, which he hopes to revise into a publishable article, covers the importance of and challenges with the work Land Trusts do.

Land trusts need help wherever they can get it. They’re not helpless, but they are dependent on the community; it’s the way that their organizations are set up to be run. They rely on the interest and passion of the people they serve to get their work done, to serve those people. Whether it’s an annual donation, a monthly visit to volunteer and lend a hand, or just reaching out to find something else to do, getting involved is the best and only way to help these land trusts. They serve their communities and beyond, and their work should not go unrecognized. They deserve to be compensated for the work that they do, no matter how it’s done. The work that these and all other land trusts are accomplishing is important, and the longer it gets put off, the closer we as a planet get to never being able to turn back.  -Jared Penna

Click HERE for Jared’s full article.

We wish to congratulate Jared on the successful completion of his project and wish him the best as he pursues his passions.  With Jared out in the world, the future is looking bright for us all.