Conservation Area Camping Permit Request

Primitive camping may be allowed on certain NCLT properties by permit only. Please submit the form below. If approved, you will receive a permit via email. You will be notified by email if it is denied. The following restrictions will apply:

  1. Permission will only be granted to groups who are camping for educational purposes only such as Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts
  2. An exact location of the campsite must be preapproved by NCLT
  3. Latrines: Keep human waste at least 200 feet from any water source. Dig a small hole about eight inches deep, and cover it with loose soil and sod after using. Dispose of your toilet paper in this hole; it will decompose naturally.
  4. Campfires: Scrape away leaves, twigs, and organic soil down to bare mineral soil in a 10 foot wide circle. Keep campfire small and water handy. Never leave campfires unattended. Use only dead or fallen down branches and trees for firewood. Be sure fire is DEAD OUT. Finally, cover the fire pit with soil when you leave.
  5. All rubbish must be removed. Leave only footprints.
  6. You will be notified by mail or email if your camping event has been approved.

Conservation Area Camping Request Form

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