GRIT Chair Lending Program

What is a GRIT Chair?

The GRIT Freedom Chair is an all-terrain wheelchair which can be used manually or with the help of a “co-navigator” who can help the user maneuver as necessary. Engineers at MIT built the GRIT Chair to help differently abled users navigate the outdoors along with their loved ones for regular exercise and adventure.

With our lending program, NCLT aims to provide community members with different abilities a channel for free and easy use of our two GRIT Chairs.

How to Borrow a Chair

Please note:

  • All GRIT Chair users must be accompanied by a “co-navigator” who is able to assist them for the entire outing while the chair is being used.
  • The GRIT Freedom Chairs are loaned on a first come, first served basis. We advise you book a pick-up day and time at least a week in advance.
  • Both user and co-navigator must complete a short in-person demonstration training if it is the first time using the chair.

To schedule an appointment to use one of our GRIT Freedom Chairs please reach out through our email

Make sure you include:

  • Name of Borrower and Co-Navigator
  • Date and timeframe you would like to borrow the chair
  • Your phone number so we may follow up with you

As a part of making an appointment to use a chair, we will email potential users a form which they must complete before taking out a chair. This includes a liability document, links to our video tutorials on how to use the chair, and a few basic questions about themselves for our documentation and reporting purposes.

Program Hours

The hours for drop off or pick up are 9am-3pm by appointment via emailing 

Location and Access

The chairs are housed at NCLT headquarters, located in the Doyle Community Park and Center at 325 Lindell Ave, Leominster. Users must be able to arrange for pick up of the chair.

GRIT Friendly Trails 

We are currently putting together a list of GRIT Chair friendly trails, but in the meantime I would recommend Underwood Conservation property “The Wild Walk: a Wheely Good Trail”, the Doyle Conservation Area trails, or rail trails or flat trails without obstacles.



Helpful Tutorial Videos

These videos and more helpful information comes from the GRIT Freedom Chair web page, which can be found at