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Annual Fund 3yr Matching Pledge Challenge

Thank you very much for pledging your support to North County Land Trust's Annual Fund for our 3 year Matching Pledge Challenge. Your generosity allows us to continue our work to protect the forests, fields and farms that make north central Mass so special. As always, we accomplish a great deal of our work with volunteers; your dollars leverage additional funds from partner organizations, foundations and the community. We have an impressive record of success, and this is possible because of your support. In order to plan projects and encourage others to donate, it would be helpful to document the amount and timing of your anticipated contribution by completing and returning this agreement. This agreement is not legally binding, but fulfillment is expected. Pledges that are made for three years, starting in 2023, will count towards a 1:1 match by other generous supporters. The match will be tallied and paid at the end of the calendar year. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Our EIN is 22-3193109. THANK YOU!

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